Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life is a Miracle

What is it about life that we find so interesting and worth it? Is it your friends? Your family? Is it the anticipation of going out with your close friends and getting excited about the awesome night that you are about to have? Or maybe it’s the idea of the unknown, the excitement of what lies ahead, the thought of being able to do it again tomorrow but somehow “differently”.
You might be one of those people that take it day-by-day, focusing on what is now. Not really concerned on what you are going to do or eat tomorrow. Someone who is more focused on what you can achieve today and not aware of the consequences tomorrow. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! Every person is different – unique.
Or maybe you are someone who thinks ahead. Someone who plans their life 2 or even 5 years into the future.  Someone who has committed to a 3-monthly budget system or even putting away 10% of your pay towards a savings account. Someone who just gets excited by the thought of what the future holds. Just so you know, I would most certainly fall into this category. Easily and without a doubt! Want some proof? Check the Hizon budget spreadsheet, it is all there – 2 months worth of expense and revenue. Some people call it pedantic. Some say obsessive-compulsive. I’m a Virgo, what can I say?
But alas! I was not always like this. I remember living through life one step at a time. Back in my early 20’s, I was filled with youthful desires, enthusiasm, ego, testosterone, you name it! But didn’t you know that it was completely normal for a young male to be experiencing this in their life? I was young, had a full-time job, had friends, had no curfew, was independent, and not a care in the world. I used to look forward to Fridays for the fact that it was going to be a weekend full of – well the UNKNOWN. The idea of going out clubbing with my friends, being in the midst of hundreds of people in the City or the Valley, drinking our heads off with all the possible combination of alcohol in the list, and taking as much drugs as we could get our hands on. My friends and I would start the afternoon at someone’s pad with a “bong” session, as apparently smoking pot was the base of all great nights. Not sure which Chinese Proverb this was out of, but we believed it anyway. Then the excitement as it got dark, and we start to get ready for the clubs; putting on our best clothes and cologne, turning on the music as loud as possible, bopping and dancing along to the music whilst we finish off our hair. Maybe a game or two of Tekken on the PS2 to put us in a mood…not sure what mood it was, but boys will be boys. OK, I’m going to “fast forward” a bit. The night was going great and as planned! There I was, in the middle of the dance floor, dancing the night away at 2am, not a care in the world. Alcoholic beverages were bottomless, and it was such a great vibe! Great people in the clubs, great music, great everything! Even though my wallet was $300 lighter….did you think I cared? Well, that’s how I felt anyway. Can you relate? By this time, I was blind as a bat and felt like the happiest person in the world! I remember being happy, coz I kept hugging all my friends (including males) and telling them how much I loved them. OK ok, a little weird? Not when you’re in the moment. Plus by then, I would’ve had a total of 5 ecstasy pills, 4 lines of coke, and a point of ice.
NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD. I was focused on what was NOW and didn’t care about my life tomorrow or in the future. No savings account, no 2-month budget plan, no plans for the future…NOTHING. But where there is a high, there is also a low….very low. I know I’ve hurt many people, especially my loved ones. And I certainly realised that I am lucky to be alive after abusing my body with all that alcohol and drugs. Yes I was irresponsible, an alcoholic and drug abuser, and it is something that I will carry on my shoulders as long as I live. Even to this day, I think that I was irresponsible not only to myself, but more so to my loved ones. What if I had one bad ecstasy tablet, a dud, I could’ve had an overdose – can you imagine what my family would’ve felt if they found out I was dead from a drug or alcohol overdose?! Do you think this was the life that my parents wanted me to live?
People tend to forget the beauty of life. Especially when they’re so consumed by their human desires. These days, my kids keep me grounded. Whenever I’m having a bad day at work or some guy cut me off whilst out driving, I just have to watch my kids play and I snap out of it. That is when I realise that even with all the bad things in the world, there are always good things around us. You just have to learn where to look. Up to this day, I still can’t believe that I have been given these 2 beautiful little boys. And soon about to be blessed with a 3rd child. Some people say that there is no proof that God exists and questions about his so-called miracles. HELLO?!?! Look around you! LIFE…..IS A MIRACLE!!! Just think about this for a second. If life is a miracle, and we have been given life, then WE…are all miracles. Yes YOU…you ARE a miracle. There’s your proof! Can you believe that? I can. Just imagine this scenario….there you are, a small baby, and your parents holding you tight for the first time…proud as ever. As a father, I can be certain your parents would be thinking that you are an angel brought down from heaven…the most beautiful thing in the world….a miracle.
Romans 12:1-2
I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
Take care of the body that you have been given. Take care of all your families and friends who love you. Take care of your future. Be considerate of other people and don’t be so consumed with all the earthly matters. Fair enough, go out and have fun and be the young person that you are. But you must know where to draw the line. Set some boundaries for yourself. Fight for what you believe in! Learn to say enough is enough. And lastly, be the person that God wants you to be, which is to be happy, kind to others, forgiving, thoughtful, considerate of others, positive, loyal, grateful to your parents and people that have helped you, and most of all, loving. God bless yaz! Peace!