Thursday, January 27, 2011

Think BIG!

Every now and then I get a realisation about who I truly am, who I have become as a person, and what my purpose in life is. In this busy world that I live in trying to juggle work, family, music, etc  that little tap on the shoulder from God is a breath of fresh air. Last night I had one of those taps, but on a bigger scale. In all honesty, it was more like a couple of slaps across the face. Along with several other Catholic friends, I attended the Indescribable Worship Event here in Brisbane. It was a great feeling to be surrounded with 2,000 other people that believed in Jesus, and singing songs of praise to music led by the Parachute Band, Henry Seeley (Planetshakers), and Chris Tomlin and to top it off was hearing the Indescribable talk in person. It seemed like it was just me, Louie Giglio, and Jesus in that room because eventhough I have seen the talk before many times, it felt like I was hearing it again for the first time. It wasn’t so much that there was Louie Giglio right infront of me, in the flesh, but more so the fact that he and the whole team brought me even closer to God. Louie talked about how big our God truly is, and also how small we really are in this world. He mentioned about how God created the Universe and when He spoke, there was light (Gen 1:3). He also pointed out the fact that God is so huge that one breath out of his mouth, he created light; and the fact that the speed of light travels at 300,000 km per second! That is how BIG our GOD is.

“By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.” Psalm 33:6 (NIV)

That scripture was the main theme for River Jordan 20ten, a youth event that Juanita and I organised which focused on showcasing the God-given talents of our local youths while raising money for youth homelessness. Organising an event is very challenging but also very rewarding. I’ve always believed that we should do more for our Lord. Something inside of me knows that there is so much more than this. That we can do it much better for our Lord! That by putting that little bit of an extra effort makes it more rewarding in the end. I am talking about serving God, the quality of our service, the effort that we put in to our service. Do you feel this way? Are you feeling discontent with just going to church every week? Are you longing for something more? Do you dream about serving God in a much bigger way? Do you have the desire of getting hundreds of people together to praise our God with one voice?! Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should not go to church just because you feel no satisfaction or if you feel that there is still something missing. The problem there is maybe you haven’t opened up your heart to God, and therefore not able to hear His message. Going to church and visiting God in His Home on a regular basis is one of the most important things you need to do in this earth. I’m more focused on doing MORE for Him, thinking of ways to do it better for Him in terms of your service. And I firmly believe that making a big deal about an event for our God is very important.

“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

I remember spending hours creating visuals and multimedia for River Jordan and with the previous events, choosing the right songs for the praise and worship, day after day rehearsing with the band to get the songs right, countless emails sent to performers and crew members to ensure that everything is going as planned, and most importantly spending hours upon hours with our Lord, just talking to Him and making sure that the event is how He would want it. I believe that when we are serving the Lord it has to be unconditional, consistent, loving, open, unmeasured, and radical. There are 3 steps that I would like you to try from now on:

1.    Take away your pride – be reminded that this is not about YOU, but all about our GOD. Your ideas might be great and achievable, but God’s ideas are even better!
2.    Surrender your heart – recognise that He is your God and you are His servant. You are serving Him and not your own ego. Once you surrender to Him, then that is the only time that you will be able to hear His plans.
3.    Think of what you know now and about how you do things now and multiply that by 100 – think outside the little box that you live in. Always invite yourself to think that it could be so much better than this!  Stop thinking that it is not possible, that you are too busy now as it is, do not be fearful of the unknown and start trusting in the Lord who makes all things possible. If you serve Him and Him alone, nothing can go wrong. NOTHING!

Our God is so much more greater than you’ll ever comprehend! He created the Heavens and the Earth! He can create the stars by the breath of his mouth. He is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, iHHimthe King of all kings, our Creator. He wants nothing more than to be praised and for us to give Him all our love. Be with Him. Love Him. Adore Him. Spend time with Him. Serve Him with all of your heart and soul and please make a big deal out of it! Because even with all our flaws, He still makes a big deal out of you.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26